Transform your spaces into places that work.

Create the autonomous workplace.

Make better decisions. Amalgamate disparate data. Increase management efficiency. Onboard clients quickly. Make data meaningful. Eliminate email chatter. Say no to spreadsheets.

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Our software empowers you to create harmonious workspaces.

With SuperByte, you can manage every aspect of your workplace from one strategic hub.

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At Reshape we bring meaningful insights to the world of work drawn from diverse psychological research. We work with psychologists, employers and employees to develop business models where individuals thrive, optimising the places they work, the way they work and the time they work.
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The impact of COVID-19 has been profound, and the route to business recovery and workplace return is a new challenge for us all. To help companies navigate these changes, SuperByte have developed this platform as a critical tool for occupiers of office space and landlords who manage their own work buildings.
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Interactive guide to essential support and information for your working from home workforce. Our interactive platform supports clients from first stage analysis to change campaign and for ongoing business as usual support.
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SuperByte for...

Real Estate

Real estate service providers can unite automated data sets from multiple work sites in one place; easily improve efficiency and knowledge sharing, introduce process management and track progress.


Clients with multiple sites can take control of their data and processes, bringing together experiences, resources, learnings and cost efficiencies into a single dashboard.


Designers and architects can white-label our software to deliver the latest cloud-based IT solutions for multiple clients through one portal, and develop projects based on tangible data and insights.


Faster set-up

We onboard clients and sites 3 times quicker than standard processes, with super-fast data cleansing and pro-active client communications.


Greater efficiency

Our platform improves visibility and efficiency by standardising workplace processes, with templates for each stage and management tools for work programmes.


Reduction in cost

SuperByte clients can scale quickly and cost-effectively to hit an estimated 3:1 ROI, with customised features to suit their requirements.


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